What is the need for an Electric Vehicle?

What is the need for an Electric Vehicle?

Numerous reasons can answer to the question what is the need for an electric vehicle? Let us see the benefits of buying an EV.

No tailpipe emission

The first thing about an EV is the do not leave any carbon footprints. Unlike an internal combustion engine vehicle that burns the fuel to power the vehicle the electric vehicle uses a battery to power the electric motor to turn the wheel and using electricity to move a vehicle does not release any harmful gases from the exhaust.

However, it indirectly contributes to environmental pollution as the electricity used to charge the batteries of an electric vehicle is produced from burning the coal in a thermal power plant, which releases harmful gases and heat in the environment, but these are comparatively very less than that from an IC engine vehicle.

Low cost of maintenance

There are many parts in an internal combustion engine-powered vehicle that has been eliminated from an all-electric vehicle. Such as manual-transmission, fuel tank, fuel pump, radiator, starter motor, etc. fewer parts mean less maintenance.

An electric vehicle also not required any engine oil change or any filter change with very little to no maintenance for electronic motor and batteries and batteries of any EV last for years

Low operating cost 

The EVs run at less cost per kilometer than a fuel-powered vehicle. A small electric car like Mahindra E2O running cost is just 0.45 rupees per kilometer which is cheaper than any small petrol or diesel car.

In many countries, a part of electrical power is generated from natural and less-emissions sources like natural gas and zero-emission sources like wind, water, solar, and nuclear power. This allows producing electrical power at a cheaper rate and also reducing the harmful gases from the thermal power plant by reducing the load of generating electric power.

Better driving experience

An electric car runs on an electronic motor which gives high torque, the initial pickup is so quick and smooth that a petrol or diesel car can never catch them. With the performance, you also get a comfortable ride in an EV. The all-electric vehicle runs on an electric motor, which gives you not only a quiet and smooth ride the EV comes with superb interior and highly equipped electronics and features.

Driving an EV is fun and relaxing at the same time; the torque it offers with no gear shifting gives you smoother power. The EV does not shake or vibrate there is no engine sound it gives the feel of sitting in a luxury car. An electric car is better in all terms than a petrol or diesel vehicle.