Why partner with us?

For an electric vehicle, a typical quick charging stop might take 20 to 60 minutes. This is a great place for travellers to stop for coffee, food, and shopping. To make it easier for everyone to drive electric, we’re teaming with workplace campuses, restaurants, retail shopping centres, hotels, gasoline stations, cinema halls, parking lot operators, and other stakeholders.


As one of our location partners, your business will become the go-to destination for electric car owners. We will install EV chargers in your customer parking lots, and we will cover all expenditures. You can also become a franchisee of ours by investing in charging infrastructure at your location. All travellers in need of a rapid EV charge will unavoidably become your clients.


Get charging station for yourt home.


Get charging stations for staffs and visitors


Electrify your fleet with our smart Charging Solutions


Attract EV owners with chargers in your premisses


If you are interested in having EV chargers at your location , write to us at evinfo@aarpowersolutions.com
or Call +919311291378