What Is The Best Car To Convert To Electric?

Best car to covert to electric

What Is The Best Car To Convert To Electric?

Everyone is aware the environmental problems are rising day by day. The emission from the tailpipe of the internal combustion engine vehicles is one of the major causes of environmental problems; especially air pollution and a decline in natural resources used to power an IC engine vehicle.

To meet these global issues many countries have taken the initiative to promote electricity-powered vehicles that do not release any gases from the exhaust. Electric vehicles are run by an electronic motor that gets power from the onboard battery packs that are charged when the vehicle is still.

Owing a battery-powered vehicle can be way too expensive as compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle. Kipping this into consideration the Indian government has stepped forward and allowed to make changes in your car to convert it to green mobility by certified companies.

If you have a conventional IC engine car whose engine becomes obsolete and you want to be rid off of it, or you want it to be there for a few more years. However, you can get it converted to a green car or electric car. Converting your scrap car to an electric car will surely cost you less than buying a new car, and contribute to saving the environment from pollution.

Things you need to know first for converting an internal combustion car to an electric car.

There are few companies in India that have been granted the certificate to modify your petrol or diesel engine car to a zero-emission electric car. In India, the best car to convert to electric retrofitting can cost you from around 5lakhs to 7lakhs, which will provide you the range of 80 to 150 kilometers depending upon the electric car conversion kit you use in your car with EV charger.

It is good to convert a car lither in weight. The lightweight car will increase the efficiency of the car. The lighter the car it will use less power to move the car. Weighing less will also increase the overall rang of the car, and batteries require less charging frequently.

Along with the lightweight, the car needs to have sound structure and suspension to hold out against the heavyweight of batteries. Batteries weigh a bit more than your internal combustion engine parts. It becomes necessary to have a solid frame and suspension set for converting your IC engine car to an electric car.

The batteries of an electric vehicle and EV charger are not only heavy, but they are bulky too. The car must have large boot space because the batteries must be kept protected from the heat and boot space, and under the seat are the only palaces where the batteries are safe from the heat of the electronic motor.

The car must have other related components in good condition including the outer body, interior, breaking, and other electronic control because care which is not in good shape will cost you more to repair it.

Which petrol or diesel engine car you can get converted to an electric car? Well, you can convert any car matching the above criteria government lows, but it good and convenient to convert a hatchback car that has a lightweight and strong chassis. In India Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R, Alto, Hyundai Accent, Honda Civic are some of the cars that are the best car to convert to electric with EV charger.